How to pump up the Brazilian buttocks in house conditions

How to pump up the Brazilian buttocks in house conditions

One of secrets of extraordinary popularity of the Brazilian carnivals are speeches of dancers which not only impress with the bright exotic dresses, but also admire with perfectly put and tightened figures. Looking at all this beauty many women ask the question of how to pump up the Brazilian buttocks of the house and to become same attractive as beauties from TV screens.

What should be considered before the trainings

If you dream to pump up the Brazilian buttocks, keep in mind that the typical Brazilian bottom "stool" - the privilege of those who are by nature allocated with such anatomic features. However those at whom buttocks have the pear-shaped or rounded form shouldn't be upset, not only the special form of "the fifth point" but also the elastic, tightened buttocks without symptoms of cellulitis – pride of the Brazilian dancers and to achieve the same results quite really by means of regular trainings and healthy nutrition.

Exercises for buttocks

It is possible to pump up the Brazilian buttocks both in gym, and in house conditions. The basis of exercises for buttocks is formed by the power program with sleeps - squats and classical squats with burdening.

To execute the Split squats, you need the bench. Put the left leg on the sock on the bench which has to be behind, and right you will expose forward, tuck the stomach in and begin to bend the knee of the right leg, along with it tyanyas the basin back. To pump up the Brazilian buttocks, it is simple not to do without burdenings. Therefore it is the best of all to get beforehand the step and the mini-post for occupations.

Very effective exercises are the walking lunges. It is necessary to carry out them so: step the right leg forward, at the same time slowly lower the left knee on the floor then get up and execute the same lunge on the right knee. Such exercise needs to be done within 5-6 minutes, changing sequence of legs.

You shouldn't forget also about classical squats with burdening if you dream to pump up the Brazilian buttocks. Put feet in natural position, having slightly developed socks in the parties. On shoulders place the signature stamp from the post and begin slow squats, slightly delaying the basin back. Hips in the extreme point of squat have to be parallel to the floor surface. It is necessary to perform exercise slowly in 3-4 approaches, 8-12 times.

If you want to pump up the Brazilian buttocks of the house, video with exercises will come in handy. Get the disk or download the video instruction on the Internet.

If the Brazilian buttocks – your purpose, don't neglect walking on the ladder and jumps on the jump rope. Such, apparently, simple exercises, are actually very effective.

As it is necessary to eat

Healthy nutrition – very important factor which is directly affecting elasticity of skin and smartness of the figure. The Brazilian lifting of buttocks is impossible without the balanced diet which basic principle consists not in reduction of calories by starvation, and their active expenditure. That is, if you afforded superfluous, be not too lazy to make several excess approaches in the course of daily trainings. To get rid of cellulitis and to make skin smooth and elastic, exclude carbonated drinks from the diet and reduce consumption of coffee and strong tea. Replace habitual drinks with water with the lemon or ginger tea.

If you noticed that trainings don't help to make muscles of buttocks tightened, it can signal that in your organism simply there isn't enough protein. Include the products rich with protein in the menu and don't reduce intensity of trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team