How to pump up the breast and the press in house conditions

How to pump up the breast and the press in house conditions

Many men dream to pump up the volume relief breast and the press "cubes". However to visit the gym not at all there is the opportunity. If desired it is possible to achieve good results and in house conditions. It is enough to give to regular trainings only half an hour in day.

It is required to you

  • Two dumbbells.


1. For a start warm muscles of the breast and the prelum abdominale. Execute eight spins of hands forward and as much back. Clasp yourself with hands on the exhalation, getting brushes as it is possible further for the back, and part hands most widely on the breath. Repeat 6 times. Make ten bendings the trunk in each party, then on ten turns to the right-to the left.

2. Receive the lying support. Hands are located more widely than shoulders, brushes look forward. Direct back. The head is on one line with the trunk. On the breath bend hands and slightly touch by the floor breast. On the exhalation straighten hands and make a start them from the floor. If it works, make cotton hands before the breast and return to nominative. The number of repetitions - maximum. Have a rest three minutes and execute two more approaches.

3. Lay down on the back. Pick up dumbbells. Lift them before yourself. On the breath part hands with dumbbells in the parties. On the exhalation reduce together. In order to avoid the injury of the elbow joint you hold elbows a little bent. Only 8-15 repetitions, 3-4 approaches.

4. Lay down on the back. Bend knees, and fix feet, having brought them under the chair or the case. Hands behind the head. Elbows are sent to the parties. On the breath rise before contact with the breast of hips. On the exhalation return to nominative. Make the maximum number of repetitions.

5. Straighten legs. Rest hands against the floor. Raise straight legs up to the corner of 90 degrees and slowly lower down on the exhalation. Repeat not less than fifteen times.

6. Raise legs up, cross among themselves and push them towards the ceiling. At the same time tear off basin from the floor. Perform exercise at fast pace to burning sensation in the stomach.

7. Nominative – lying on the back. Extend hands up. Breath. On the exhalation raise at the same time hands and legs up, trying to concern brushes of feet. Be late in the provision "folds" one second and smoothly return to nominative. Make from ten repetitions in 2-3 approaches.

8. Stretch in the pose of "cobra": lying on the stomach, bend hands, place brushes at the level of the breast. On the breath straighten hands and raise the thorax up. Feel how muscles in the stomach stretch.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team