How to pump up the breast bottom

How to pump up the breast bottom

Paying attention to the upper and average part of the pectoral muscle, it is worth to rememberit is worth to remember also about the breast bottom. He gives in to pumping heavier, than other departments and demands specialized approach to exercises. It is possible to pump up the breast bottom by means of the habitual barbell bench press and the dumbbell press on the bench with the return bending. It is necessary to include such exercises as the pullover and push-ups on wide bars in the training.


1. The barbell bench press – general exercise for study of pectoral muscles. It can be carried out by average, narrow and wide grip, on the horizontal bench, on the bench with bending up and with bending down. To pump up the breast bottom, it is necessary to do the press by wide grip on the bench with bending of 35-45 degrees down. For performance of the inclined press you need the help of the partner who will remove with you the post and to put it back. To do this exercise it is independently risky. If there is no specialized bench for the return press, then the inclined bench will be suitable for pumping of the press. Existence of the binding is important for legs. You shouldn't slide during performance of the press. On the breath lower the post to the breast closer to the solar plexus. You part elbows in the parties, the cross in relation to the trunk. Try not to press them to yourself. So you will transfer load of tricepses. After contact of the breast squeeze out the post up on the exhalation.

2. The dumbbell press lying on the bench with bending down it is carried out on the wide arch as much as possible to involve pectoral muscles and to isolate work of tricepses. Grip of dumbbells from above. Are in the home position of the dumbbell directly over you, concerning each other disks. On the breath part dumbbells in the parties. You part elbows with "cross", as in the bench press. On the exhalation – nominative.

3. Push-ups on bars mainly involve tricepses. However performance of push-ups on wide bars helps to load also the bottom of the breast. Select the cargo allowing you to be wrung out till 8-10 times. Cargo is usually hung up on the belt by means of the belt and the trigger on it. The weight or the disk can act as cargo.

4. The pullover doesn't swing the breast, but helps to expand the volume of the thorax and to visually increase it. It becomes with lightweight till 8-10 times to feeling of stretching in edges. It is carried out on the equal horizontal bench from dumbbells. Lay down on the back, the head is at the edge of the bench. You hold the dumbbell with both hands about the stomach and the lower part of the breast. On the breath take away the dumbbell for the head. On the exhalation return to nominative. It is possible to carry out the pullover and across article, being guided by it only shoulders. It is better to carry out the pullover before the bench press, and push-ups on bars – after it.

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