How to pump up the breast in gym

How to pump up the breast in gym

In order that effectively and quickly to pump over the breast in gym, it is necessary to remember structure of muscles. The set of exercises should be thought over in advance, doing identical load of each group of muscles. Thus you will achieve positive results for short term.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells;
  • - post.


1. Perform exercise with the post. This sports equipment is present at each gym. It is used for accumulation of muscle bulk, the general development of muscles at the maximum load.

2. For performance of exercise lay down on the bench. It has to be parallel to the floor surface. Take the post the average grip. You watch that during the movement the corner between the forearm and the shoulder was created to 90 lakes. Lift the post over breast level up. This home position when performing this exercise.

3. Gradually lower the post, taking the smooth breath. After the signature stamp concerns the middle of the breast, make the exhalation and receive the home position. You remember: movements need to be carried out smoothly, without breakthroughs.

4. At the post press the average grip as much as possible use breast muscles. After the second pause the movement should be repeated. Do this exercise of 6-8 times, on 4-5 approaches.

5. Perform dumbbell exercise. Pay attention: for preservation of the constant muscle tension it isn't necessary to straighten elbows completely. Direct the movement towards the center up, avoiding contact of dumbbells.

6. Lay down on the horizontal bench. Take the dumbbell in each hand. Press brushes to upper thighs, having developed palms to each other.

7. Accurately raise dumbbells before yourself by distance of width of shoulders up. Press hands to the breast. Turn wrists so that palms were turned forward. This home position when performing this exercise.

8. Gradually lift dumbbells, doing the exhalation. Be recorded in this situation within several seconds. On the breath lower hands in the home position. You watch that when performing exercise the pectoral muscles were most strained. Do this movement of 8-10 times, on 3-4 approaches.

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