How to pump up the flat stomach

How to pump up the flat stomach

Sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the pool, you detained the look on the girl with the flat stomach or the guy with the beefy press more than once and in thoughts represented yourself on their place. And in it there is nothing unreal, it is only necessary to want very much, to stock up with patience, not to be lazy and conform to some rules.


1. Trainings have to be regular. If you have no opportunity to visit the gym hall, it is possible to be engaged at home.

2. Before occupation warm muscles by means of small jog and the warming exercises. And even after that you shouldn't give yourself the maximum load at once, the advantage of such training won't be, and here consequences can be deplorable.

3. The press is the group of muscles. As a result to receive the flat stomach, you will need to carry out the whole set of exercises.

4. Exercises for the top part of the press. Lay down on the floor, close hands on the breast, and bend legs in knees. Smoothly tear off the nape from the floor so that you tried to keep step with the breast, but not the neck. Raise the trunk as far as you will be able, then also smoothly lower. As an alternative it is possible to perform this exercise on the ball for fitness.

5. Exercises for the stomach bottom. Lay down on the floor, put hands along the body. Legs need to be bent in knees by 90 degrees. Raise legs in such situation and smoothly, raising the basin, tighten them to the breast.

6. Exercises for oblique muscles. Lay down on the floor, cramp hands on the nape, they have to be parallel to the floor. Bend legs in knees. Raise the head and shoulders up, at the same time it is necessary to touch by the right shoulder the left hip, slowly return to the home position. Repeat exercise, but already with contact with the left shoulder of the right hip.

7. Also for oblique muscles the exercise at which you lying on one side is effective you lean on the elbow. Its essence is in that as it is possible to tear off above the trunk from the floor and to record it in the extreme top point for several seconds, then to try to fall smoothly.

8. It is necessary to increase intensity of occupations gradually, observing the principle "don't do much harm". Also you remember the main thing - to achieve desirable result, it is necessary to fulfill daily all complex of the requirements, since the diet and finishing with exercises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team