How to pump up the lower muscles of the breast

How to pump up the lower muscles of the breast

Broad relief chest, as well as the developed shoulder girdle — sign of the real man. The pectoral muscle consists of three bunches: top or clavicular, average which is also called sternal, and lower, belly. The beginning athletes often experience difficulty in study of lower part of the breast.


1. The barbell bench press — one of the main exercises which helps to develop all three parts of the pectoral muscle. Pay attention: the post needs to be held wide grip, having arranged the hand shoulder width apart, otherwise you will give the main load of breast top. It is better to perform exercise by means of the assistant. Lay down on the sports bench so that the head, shoulders and buttocks densely nestled on it, and the back kept the natural bend in the waist. Steadily arrange the foot on both sides of the bench. Take the signature stamp wide grip from above and squeeze out the post. Don't block the hand in elbows, leaving them a little bent. The post has to be in the home position opposite to the middle of the thorax. Having inhaled, lower it to the lower part of the breast and at once squeeze out on diagonal up and a few so that to return in starting situation.

2. Also dumbbell exercises allow to build the mass of the pectoral muscle. One of basic — the dumbbell press lying. Besides, this exercise allows to achieve division of the right and left half of the breast, to create the beautiful relief. The initial position repeats the starting point of the previous exercise. Don't forget to watch that the back kept the correct bend, and the foot were widely placed and surely rested against the floor. Take dumbbells the upper grip and raise hands over yourself, having arranged them at the level of the breast. Signature stamps the dumbbell have to be located perpendicular to the bench and practically adjoin. On the breath bend elbows, parting them in the parties, and lower hands to torso sides. When dumbbells appear at the level of the breast, again squeeze out them up wide to the arch, trying to strain the lower part of the pectoral muscle as much as possible. Return to the initial position.

3. Helps to give the volume of the lower part of the pectoral muscle and the dumbbell press on the bench with bending down. Lower the back of the bench down approximately by 30-45 degrees. Lay down on the back, legs arrange on basic rollers. Home position: the head, shoulders, buttocks are pressed to the bench, the hands holding dumbbells the upper grip are lifted up and completely straightened. On the breath lower dumbbells to outer edges of the breast, trying to strain muscles as much as possible. You part elbows in the parties. Without making pauses, again squeeze out dumbbells up. Make the exhalation only having overcome the most difficult uphill section.

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