How to pump up the lower press

How to pump up the lower press

The slim figure is absolutely impossible without the flat, tightened tummy. However for many women lower part of the stomach is the constant source of chagrin and alarms. Owing to hormonal features of the female body in this part of the body the fat stock is the easiest postponed and even at very slender girls it is often possible to notice this foully the sticking-out fold. It is necessary to solve this problem not only some diets, but also active trainings of muscles of the lower press.


1. To strengthen and to considerably improve stomach muscles in its lower part, do special exercises at least 3-4 times a week. But before beginning to train the press surely make warm-up and warm up all muscles of the body. It will prepare muscles for the subsequent loadings and will prevent possible microinjuries.

2. As warm-up use run, fast walking, jumps through the jump rope or even fast free dance under vigorous music. If during warm-up you strongly were out of breath, take rest a little to restore breath, and you pass to exercises to the press.

3. For the training of the lower press various exercises on the floor give good effect. Lay down on the floor, be freely extended in all growth and slowly raise legs on height about 45 degrees (about 25-30 cm over the floor). If at the same time you feel strong tension in the lower part of the stomach, everything means you carry out correctly. Slowly lower legs on the floor, exhale and repeat exercise.

4. For one approach it is necessary to do from 15 to 30 rises in dependence about your physical shape. If you didn't play sports long ago and at you it is impossible to make even 15 repetitions at once, be not upset and don't give up occupation. Make so many repetitions how many you can. Pay the main attention to quality of performance of exercise. Don't try to throw legs breakthrough up. It you reduce load of stomach muscles. Better make only five repetitions, but correctly and wholeheartedly. Gradually in process of strengthening of muscles you will increase the quantity of movements.

5. If exercise at you turns out rather easily, try to complicate it and to make "scissors". For this purpose, lying on the back on the floor, lean on elbows, raise legs on height of 30 cm over the floor and detain them in this situation. Then strain the press and begin to part and cramp legs, crossing them. Repeat "scissors" of times 5-10 and slowly lower legs on the floor. Take rest and repeat exercise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team