How to pump up the plecheluchevy muscle

How to pump up the plecheluchevy muscle

It is known that for each group of muscles there is the special set of exercises. It is possible to pump up plecheluchevy area, using additional sports equipment: dumbbells, post. Exercises on draft will allow you to achieve the maximum result.

It is required to you

  • - post;
  • - dumbbells.


1. Receive the home position – sitting on the bench. Legs arrange shoulder width apart, feet are parallel to each other. Pick up dumbbells, having developed palms inside to the body. At the breath bend the hand in the elbow, gradually developing the brush on themselves. Return to the home position. Upon termination of the movement make the exhalation. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times, alternating hands. Thus you involve the upper part big chest, front deltoid, two-headed, humeral and plecheluchevy muscles.

2. For performance of the following exercise get up directly. Legs arrange shoulder width apart. Accurately pick up the post the top grip. Brushes are lowered down. On the breath slowly bend hands, lifting the post. On the exhalation – lower in the home position. You watch that the back remained equal, didn't cave in. This exercise effectively influences elbow, short and long beam razgibatel of the wrist. At the same time contributes to the excellent development of the humeral and plecheluchevy muscle.

3. When performing exercise of bending of hands with the signature stamp of the post get up directly. Legs arrange shoulder width apart. Take the signature stamp of the post the lower grip. Lower hands down. At the breath bend hands in elbows and lift the post. At the exhalation – return to the home position. For emphasis of loading use various width of the grip. This exercise more influences on sgibatel of fingers and the brush, bicepses, plecheluchevy and humeral muscles.

4. You remember: when performing exercises of the movement have to be smooth, without breakthroughs. Thus, you will manage to avoid body injuries. For the maximum achievement of result the weight of the post and the number of approaches of performance of exercises need to be increased over time. For this purpose use consultation of the coach. The skilled master will choose for you the individual complex for development of the plecheluchevy muscle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team