How to pump up the press

How to pump up the press

In the modern world the huge value plays appearance. It is much more pleasant to deal with the beautiful, accurate, sporty person. Some psychologists, even claim that the most attractive employees are advanced quicker on the career ladder. One of the most important components of appearance is the figure. In the modern world the huge value is allocated for symmetry of the waist, smartness of hips and, of course, elasticity of the press. Guys and girls of the whole world spend time lot for achievement of the goal. There is the set of approaches and techniques, but not all from them are effective. It is a pity, but also in fitness today there is yet no unique technique which with guarantee would make your press the venue for envy. As to pump up the beautiful press?


1. So, before passing to exercises, it is necessary to warm up properly. In this case it is about the warming up of muscles. This procedure is necessary for preparation of your organism for occupation. Warm-up can undergo as, for example, easy dance to the sound of music or as rope jumping. After warm-up you pass to exercises.

2. There are most effective exercises. One of the most difficult exercises demands existence in the room of the bed or the sofa: you sit down on the edge of the support, hands you hold the sofa and smoothly begin to straighten legs before yourself, then to attract them back, at the same time, the bottom shouldn't touch the floor.

3. The second exercise: it is necessary to lay down on the back, hands to hold any support, and to raise legs by 90 degrees from the floor. For one approach make several movements.

4. Exercise "bicycle" is also popular: lay down on the back, hands you hold the support, and the legs which are at an angle 90 degrees from the floor make movements of scrolling of wheels of the bicycle.

5. The fourth exercise: lay down on the back, bend legs in knees and try to reach knees the breast.

6. During each exercise the press has to be intense. That is, you have to feel each movement. Otherwise the result won't be. The important point is the number of any given exercises. You shouldn't try to do as much as possible exercises, the quality is much more important than them. Scientists proved that the number of exercises is at 8-15 optimum. Besides, excessive efforts not only won't bring benefit, but can even do much harm.

7. The result will be accelerated considerably by different accompanying diets. In food it is necessary to approach restrictions of this sort very accurately. It is better to consult with the expert. It is almost impossible to establish exact terms of achievement of goals. All this depends on specific features. But on average approximately in 2-5 weeks you will be completely happy with the press.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team