How to pump up the press and buttocks

How to pump up the press and buttocks

The press and buttocks are the most problem parts of the body. They are most subject to the changes connected with sharp fluctuation of weight, natural reduction of production of collagen and other processes. To return to these places the attractive look, it is worth addressing physical exercises.


1. Begin with the press. Lay down on the floor, bend legs in knees, put hands for the head. Lift the case at the expense of press muscles, without straining at the same time the neck and the back. Carry out rise on the exhalation, inhale at return to the home position. It is possible to complicate this exercise by means of the dumbbell. Take it two hands and you hold near the breast during performance.

2. From the same home position lift the case, touching by the elbow of the opposite knee. At the same time you can or raise the knee towards to the elbow, or to leave legs on the floor.

3. Lay down on the floor, put hands under buttocks, raise straight legs up by ninety degrees. With the exhalation lower legs, but don't concern the floor. Then return them upward.

4. Lying on the floor, raise serially legs up by ninety degrees, concerning their finger-tips of hands.

5. Pass to buttocks. Lean on forearms and knees, at the same time elbows have to be under shoulders, and knees under hips. From this situation raise the leg, without unbending it in the knee, on basin height. Lower down. During performance you keep the back and the press in suspense, your body shouldn't cave in.

6. Put legs shoulder width apart, extend hands forward. Straighten the back and shoulders. Bend legs, putting forward at the same time the basin back, and the trunk - forward. Return to the home position. Leave knees over ankles and don't lower below them the buttock.

7. Lay down on the back and bend legs in knees, put hands along the case. Lift the basin and from this situation tear off serially legs from the earth, straightening them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team