How to pump up the press and to remove sides

How to pump up the press and to remove sides

Flat stomach and abrupt bend of the waist without fat folds – some of the main signs of the beautiful women's body. To ensure similar forms, it is necessary to try. The correct diet, cardiotrainings and exercises for oblique and direct muscles of the stomach will provide you the flexible waist and the elastic press.

It is required to you

  • - rug for occupations on the floor;
  • - chair;
  • - fitball.


1. The most effective stomach exercises – various twisting. They influence both straight lines, and oblique muscles of the stomach. The complex can be diversified, having included in it weight exercises, occupation on the fitball, the return twisting.

2. Before occupations surely warm up, having prepared also the warming up of the muscle. Dance under fast music, make several lunges, the plie and bendings.

3. Begin with simple exercises. Lay down on the back, having bent legs in knees and having slightly placed the foot. Place palms under the nape, part elbows in the parties. Strain the press and straighten the thorax. At the same time tear off the head, the neck and shovels from the floor. Be late in this situation for several seconds and slowly fall. Weaken the press. Repeat 10 times.

4. Involve the oblique muscles of the stomach providing the beautiful bend of the waist. Lying on the floor, put heels on the chair. Leave hands on the nape. Exhale, strain the press and tear off the head, the neck and shovels from the surface. In the top point of the movement develop the right shoulder to the left knee. Buttocks have to be densely pressed to the floor. Take away the shoulder back, be late for several seconds and return to the home position. Repeat twisting in the opposite direction. Execute 5-6 double approaches.

5. Complicate exercise, using the fitball. Lean against the ball the waist, holding the head, the neck and shoulders suspended. Bend knees so that they formed the right angle with the floor, the foot put in parallel each other. Strain muscles of buttocks, keeping balance. Put palms on the nape, without connecting them in the lock, part elbows in the parties. Raise the top part of the trunk, straining the press and not helping itself hands. Slowly return to the home position and repeat exercise of 10 times.

6. Be engaged in the lower part of the press which is responsible for the elastic and flat stomach. You lay down on the floor, having extended legs and having put hands along the trunk palms down. Exhale, strain the press and slowly raise legs, having slightly bent them in knees and raising the waist. Knees have to touch the breast almost. Return legs to the home position. You don't hurry – slow performance provides success. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

7. The beginner one set suffices. But in the week of occupations it is possible to increase the number of exercises, carrying out them on two approaches with short break after everyone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team