How to pump up the press by summer

How to pump up the press by summer

By the beginning of the summer season the increasing number of girls begin to think of the figure. The most problem zone – area of the stomach. There is the special set of exercises which will help to pump up the press and to remove fat deposits for short term.

Useful recommendations

To bring the stomach by summer into the form, it is necessary to carry out systematically offered set of exercises. Experts recommend to give 40-60 minutes a day on sports activities. All exercises have to be performed qualitatively, at full capacity. In addition you shouldn't forget also about the correct approach to food. If you want to achieve the beautiful rolled press, you should refuse fat, fried and sweet dishes. Food has to be the fullest and include the large number of vegetables and fruit.

The lower press is the largest muscle of the prelum abdominale. At the same time it is rather heavy to pump over it. When performing exercises it is worth accenting accurately the main load of this area of the stomach.

Set of exercises

Exercise "the captain's chair" represents hanging leg raises. It is one of the most effective. For its performance it is necessary to reach initial position on the special exercise machine. If you give classes in house conditions, you will need the ordinary horizontal bar. Hang on it, without bending the leg in knees. Accurately raise them up. Be recorded in this situation for 2-3 seconds. Slowly lower legs down. This exercise can be performed, having bent legs in knees. In this case they should be pressed to the breast as much as possible. When performing exercise try to keep stomach muscles in constant tension.

Pay attention: when performing exercise it is necessary not to allow swings of the case of the body. It reduces the main loading.

It isn't less effective twisting exercise will help to pump up the press. For its performance it is necessary to receive initial situation. Lay down on the back. Hands arrange along the case of the body. Raise legs up and bend at right angle. Consider: shins have to be located parallel to the floor surface. Gradually raise buttocks from the floor, using press muscles.

When performing exercise try to tighten knees closer to the breast.

Having reached the final point, as much as possible squeeze stomach muscles. Slowly return to initial situation. Perform exercise in two approaches till 15-20 of repetitions. The following exercise has to be familiarly much since the childhood – "vertical scissors". Such loading allows to concentrate stomach muscles during the certain amount of time. It allows to reduce quickly and effectively the stomach. That to execute it, lay down on the back. Put hands under buttocks. Raising both legs, try to hold them at distance about 20 cm from the floor. Slowly execute nozhnitseobrazny movements down-up. Repeat exercise about 40-60 seconds.

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