How to pump up the press to the girl

How to pump up the press to the girl

It is heavier to achieve the ideal press to women, than men. The nature created it with absolutely other purposes. Men needed to carry initially weights, to run, be quickly strong, otherwise, and women are created to bear children and therefore "steel" muscles of the stomach it isn't necessary to them. But there is a wish to have the elastic and flat stomach after all.

It is required to you

  • Fitness ball, it is the fitball
  • Dumbbell weighing from 1.5 kg


1. It is very important to pick up the fitness ball correctly. The widespread formula isn't right at all that diameter of the fitball is equal to yours growth minus 100. It is more correct to choose the ball, being verified from long hands. If, for example, length of the hand is up to 55 cm, then diameter of the ball - 45 cm, length of the hand from 55 to 65 cm – diameter is 55 cm, length of the hand from 65 to 80 cm – diameter is 65 cm, hand length from 80 cm – diameter is 75 cm.

2. Exercise for the top part to the pressasyadta on the ball, having placed legs is slightly wider than shoulders, lean back on the back. The ball has to be under the waist, buttocks on weight, legs are bent in knees, hands are located on the head – fingers behind ears. Begin to raise the trunk up. Shoulders rise first of all, don't try to pull yourself "for the neck" - it for this purpose isn't intended at all. Having as much as possible risen – be late for several moments and slowly begin to fall. Repeat exercise from 12 to 20 times in 3 approaches.

3. Exercise for the lower part pressatulovishche lies on the floor, hands are extended along the body by palms down, the legs bent in knees – on the fitball so hips and buttocks adjoin to its surface. Pressing the waist to the surface, we pull knees to the breast, without releasing the ball. Buttocks rise, muscles of the lower part of the press, but not the hand work. Repeat exercise from 12 to 20 times in 3 approaches.

4. Exercise on oblique muscles you zhivotavozmit the dumbbell. Sit down on the ball, put correctly legs, take the dumbbell two hands and lean back back. Raise hands from dumbbells over the head so that the elbow bend was at the level of ears, straining the press, twist the case forward. Be late and slowly come back to the initial position, without changing the arm position. Repeat exercise from 12 to 20 times in 3 approaches.

5. Exercise on all muscles you zhivotaraspolozhitsya on the floor, having stretched hands palms down. Put straight legs on the ball, so that about its surface heels and calves rested. Begin raising of buttocks, straining press muscles. Be late when you are in the maximum point and without hurrying fall. Repeat exercise not less than 5 times and in 3 approaches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team