How to pump up the shoulder biceps

How to pump up the shoulder biceps

To pump up the biceps of the shoulder or as it is called still, the biceps it is possible by means of the complex of special exercises. It is enough to give to the training of 30-40 minutes, 2-3 times a week. At the same time it is recommended to increase gradually loading for achievement of the maximum result.

1. One of the main exercises for the rating of the biceps of the shoulder is raising of the post. Receive the home position – standing, legs shoulder width apart. Take the post the lower grip, palms look up. You hold the back exactly, without bending the backbone. Slightly bend hands in elbows. Make the deep breath and, having held the breath, lift the post to thorax level. Remain in this situation. Make the exhalation and strain bicepses. Slowly lower the post on the floor. When performing exercise you watch the bearing.

2. Use exercise of raising of dumbbells at the shoulder biceps rating. Sit down directly, knees bend at an angle 90 degrees. Place the foot shoulder width apart. You hold dumbbells on straight arms, lowered down. Develop palms inside. Make the deep breath and hold the breath. Begin simultaneous raising of dumbbells. As soon as forearms are parallel to the floor, accurately develop hands outside. At the same time continue raising of dumbbells up. Having reached the top point, make the exhalation. As much as possible strain the biceps. Return to the home position.

3. Execute pullings up on the horizontal bar. This exercise also promotes the shoulder biceps rating. Grasp the horizontal bar with the lower grip. Be gradually tightened up until the chin appears above the horizontal bar. Remain in this situation for several seconds. Slowly fall down. Repeat exercise of 8-10 times, in 3-4 approaches.

4. At the shoulder biceps rating as well as other muscles of the body, don't forget about the healthy and balanced nutrition. Exclude fried, fat, hot and sweet dishes from the diet. Eat more proteinaceous food and fermented milk products. Include in the food allowance fresh fruit, vegetables and meat of low-fat grades (chicken, beef).

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