How to pump up the top cubes

How to pump up the top cubes

Beautiful press – the dream of many people. Cubes on the stomach cause envy and respect of those who lack will power for sports activities. It is necessary to begin work with the top press. At the same time both the side and lower press will be involved too. What main receptions for inflating of the top cubes?

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1. Begin work with the press, having got rid of subcutaneous fat. Otherwise cubes even if they will appear, won't be visible. Best of all occupations run are suitable for elimination of the fat layer. It is the best of all to run in the morning, till the breakfast. It is possible to replace run with exercises on the exercise bike go the ellipsoid.

2. After your weight returns to normal, it is possible to begin pumping of the press. The main exercise for this purpose – the raising of the trunk which should be done accurately and carefully. Record legs: it is possible to palm off them under the case or the sofa on legs. Bend legs in knees and raise the trunk. Don't swing the case – you have to move surely and smoothly, then risk to stretch muscles will be minimized, and the result will come quicker.

3. Raise the trunk quickly enough, but lower slowly. You have to feel tension in muscles of the top press and control it. It is necessary to perform exercise before emergence of burning in muscles. When it occurs, it is necessary to take the break or if you very much became, to stop the training.

4. Begin with 10 repetitions. Gradually increase number of repetitions. To increase efficiency of exercises, remove fixing of legs. Perform exercises daily. Don't overtire – if you stretch muscles, then next day won't be able to be engaged.

5. During the work with muscles pay special attention to healthy nutrition. It is necessary to eat the large amount of protein (meat, fish, the bird) and vegetables, sweets and pastries should be excluded, as well as sparkling water, alcoholic beverages, fast food. Eat in the small portions four-five times a day and try not to have a bite between meals.

6. Adhere to the high security: you go to bed at the same time. It is better to be engaged in one or one and a half hours after awakening, but to food. If it is impossible, postpone occupations to evening, but to the dream there have to be not less than two hours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team