How to pump up the triceps to the woman

How to pump up the triceps to the woman

The three-headed muscle of the shoulder is seldom involved in everyday life that affects the shape of hands. To notice how the muscle "hangs", it is possible having raised the hand. That to the woman to cope with this problem zone, it is necessary to perform exercises on the triceps for maintenance it in the tone.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells weighing 1-4 kg.


1. Pick up dumbbells. Put legs on width of shoulders and bend in knees a little. Incline the case forward that the postural pose was almost parallel to the floor. Bend hands in elbows, and then straighten and take away back so that palms looked up. Make 3 approaches on 10 times.

2. Lunge small forward. On the hip ahead of the standing leg put one hand. In the second hand there is the dumbbell. Bend this hand in the elbow until the shoulder becomes in parallel the floor. On the exhalation straighten the hand, taking away back then again bend on the breath. Do exercise of 20 times and repeat with other hand, having replaced the home position.

3. Become directly and lower along the hand body with dumbbells. Palms look forward. Cramp shovels together, straining at the same time press muscles. Slowly bend one hand in the elbow and press to the shoulder. Remain in such situation 1-2 seconds and slowly lower the hand down. The triceps during the movement has to be intense. Repeat the same with other hand. Do exercise of 20-30 times.

4. From the standing position get the hand bent in the elbow for the back. At the same time press the hand a little on the elbow that back muscles of the hand strained. Repeat the same with other hand. When performing exercise the elbow of the bent hand has to look vertically up.

5. Strongly squeeze dumbbells in hands and do the boxing movements at first by one hand, then serially. It doesn't make sense to establish the framework on the quantity of movements therefore box while there are forces. After the small break it is possible to make one more approach.

6. If at home you haven't enough place for performance of exercises, you can acquire the subscription in gym. Before the trainings consult with the instructor what exercise machines will help you to achieve the objective. When performing exercises strain the triceps, otherwise all of them don't make sense.

7. For increase in load of muscles you can do push-ups from the floor or pulling up. But don't forget that your purpose is to lift the tone of muscles, but not to pump up them it is similar to the male. Don't choose heavy dumbbells for performance of exercises at once. Better make more repetitions – it will help to get rid of subcutaneous fat and will increase your endurance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team