How to pump up thorax muscles in house conditions

How to pump up thorax muscles in house conditions

The beefy breast with the muscles rolled under clothes at men high tightened, beautiful breast at women – the limit of dreams of many. Unfortunately, the majority is sure that it is possible to achieve such outer effect only in gym. And it, in turn, requires time, money. But there are effective techniques of classes in inflating of muscles of the thorax for their application in house conditions.


1. Begin with the warming up of muscles with dumbbells. If for the first time you are engaged with dumbbells, stop on their weight in the half of kilogram everyone. Gradually increase the weight of dumbbells. To women enough kilogram dumbbells, to men it is possible to choose the weight of cargo heavier.

2. Lay down the back down on the bench or other flat place. It is possible to lay down on the floor. Having parted hands with dumbbells in the parties and not bending them at the same time, cramp hands before yourself. Do so till 5-10 times. Each time increase loading. Lying on the bench the stomach down, tighten at first one hand the dumbbell to yourself (to the thorax), then other hand.

3. Stand directly. Lift dumbbells in two hands over the head from shoulders up and lowering them back. The following option – at the raising up of hands with dumbbells, you bring them for the head and again up.

4. Extend hands with cargo before yourself, palms up. Bring closer both hands to the thorax and extend hands of times again till 5-10. Now lower hands down, on both sides. Raise them to waist level, lower down. You part hands in the parties with dumbbells and again lower down, to hips.

5. Further start push-ups from the floor or from other surface. From the floor it will be difficult to that who does exercises for the first time to be wrung out at once. Therefore be wrung out from the bench (from the sofa), from the table. What there will be more widely hands in push-up from the surface, subjects big there will be the impact on pectoral muscles.

6. Do push-ups from two chairs put from each other at such distance that your body could fall between them. Don't pump over the muscle during the occupations if you are engaged for the first time. Be attentive to the feelings. If you feel pain, stop occupation.

7. Finish the general occupation the exercises dispersing blood in hands and shoulders. For this purpose, having put hands together, stretch up, over the head, straightening the backbone. Lower hands and stir up them. Repeat. Put hands the boat before yourself, elbows in the parties. You part palms, but don't separate fingers, and with effort to the wrist you cramp hands again (to 10 times). Again stir up hands, having lowered them down.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team