How to put kick

How to put kick

Different types of martial arts are widespread both among men, and among women today. One of the first what begin training in the majority of martial arts with – setting of kick.


1. Well put kick has to be fast, sharp and powerful. Some of coaches consider that it is necessary to gather at first kick speed, and only then its force. Others. On the contrary, advise at first to work on the shot power, and speed will be gathered itself as a result of trainings.

2. Will help to deliver kick to you in any section on boxing, but there is also the number of recommendations and councils how to make it independently. First of all, you shouldn't forget about power trainings. Visit of the gym, push-up, exercise on the press and run will do good.

3. In addition, one of the simplest exercises is the kat. For a start it is necessary to reach the correct home position: the frontal stance, the back direct, legs shoulder width apart, are slightly bent in knees, the foot in parallel each other, it is necessary to stand not on tiptoe, and on all foot. The left hand is a little removed forward, compressed in the fist, turned by the palm down, the shock surface are bones of index and average fingers. The right hand is located at the level of the belt, compressed in the fist and bent in the elbow, the palm is turned top. Exercise is that you, rising on tiptoe, on the exhalation become on heels and at the same time change the arm position for opposite – the left hand is taken away to the hip, and right passes forward to the so-called "white line" (center of the body). To develop the shot power it is possible to use the expander. It is necessary to throw it for the back, to clamp in the fist and to carry out the kat.

4. Also push-ups on fists, rolling of proximal phalanxes, exercises with boxing "paws" and pear are useful.

5. If you decided to put kick, it is necessary to carry out trainings every day, to watch the body, to perform power exercises, to swing the press and to be engaged in run. It is better if your occupations are watched by the professional coach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team