How to put kick in boxing

How to put kick in boxing

Boxing – one of the most rigid sports. Desire to put kick motivates people to practice boxing. But not all boxers can brag of good kick. What is necessary in order that your kick forced down from legs of the bull?


1. Add sharpness. Not always physically strong person possesses the knocking-out kick, and on it there are several reasons. One of them – the low speed of kick. Remember the school course of physics. The shot power is equal to the weight multiplied by acceleration. And there is nothing surprising - at big physical to force and low speed average is got hit. And if also the physical force isn't enough, then and in general quite unconvincing kick can turn out. Train kick speed on special small pear serial kicks. Also it is worth connecting to the training kicks on the shadow with small dumbbells in hands.

2. Learn to relax. Well there are kicks on pear, but on the ring, something is impossible? It is the psychological factor. Here both fear, and fear to hurt the opponent. From it the subconsciousness holds down the movement, and is got hit not such fast, strong and accurate. It is necessary to be able to be discharged of the events. Certainly, not as the Buddhist because it is possible to pass left side in the jaw, but all fear and all emotions it is necessary to leave outside the ring that you could show the maximum of which are capable.

3. Move. Even if you are heavy as the elephant and are quick as the lion, in static situation it is problematic to carry out stunning kick. Kick in dynamics is stronger, than in the statics, can easily be convinced of it in practice.

4. Include all body. Perhaps, you so know this simple truth, but nevertheless you shouldn't forget about it that the hard shot is the kick in which all body works: hand, shoulder, back, legs. So what don't forget that kick goes from legs, and include them in time.

5. Choose the concrete point. Good shot has to be direct. The simple truth so aim to some certain place. If you want to knock down the opponent from legs, then precisely in the jaw, taking into account all above wishes.

6. Address the coach. All these councils are universal, but the problem with kick at everyone the therefore it would be remarkable to address the expert who the skilled eye will be able to notice, what are you doing incorrectly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team