How to put the fast mat in chess

How to put the fast mat in chess

Chess game - one of the most prestigious intellectual games which are thought up by mankind. Options of the courses in chess the infinite number, and with their each course becomes more and more. The prize in chess is confirmation of intellectual opportunities of the player. Meanwhile to learn win against beginners everyone can, it is quite simple.

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1. It is possible to win in chess in two ways. The first is to force the opponent to be given most, having proved him the overweight in figures or the position. If the opponent doesn't know all knowledge of the game yet, or just doesn't want to give up itself, he should put the mat. The mat is such shah from which there is no defense, the king can't depart or be marked by other figure.

2. The ""Children's"" mat - the kind of the mat in which the victory is reached at the very beginning of the game. The fast mat in this case is put by the queen and the elephant. It is possible to apply the fast mat only against beginners as the fast mat contradicts such principles of strategy of chess as consecutive development of figures and establishment of the pawn center. However needs to master this reception any beginning chess player to understand the fact that the prize can be reached without overweight in several figures - enough to find weak fields of the opponent and to establish control over them.

3. To put the children's mat white (black it is put similarly), it is necessary to use weakness of the black pawn in the field of f7. Apparently from the drawing, this black pawn is weak as is under protection only of the black king. The first course of white has to clear the way to the royal elephant (in the field of f1) and to the queen. It is the course the pawn e2 in the field of e4. It is necessary to put the elephant in the field of c4 and the queen in the field of h5 further. After that, if the pawn of f7 is still not defended, it is possible to put the children's mat. There is the option of the children's mat when the defended party attacks the queen the pawn of g (g6). Not terribly! In this case it is necessary just to translate the queen in the field of f3. And already following course to put the fast mat.

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