How to put the mat in chess

How to put the mat in chess

To win in chess, it isn't enough to study how figures go. The beginning chess players quite often lose interest in the game because don't represent how to achieve result. It is necessary to begin with studying force of each figure. Then to master interaction of several of them. And only after it to play all figures.


1. Learn to put the mat two boats. Don't involve the king. The opponent on the board has to have only one king, it is more than any figures. The mat is such situation on the board when the king of the opponent is under fight of your figure, it threatens it, that is is going to cut down. And he has no place to leave. All fields which are near the king are occupied or also are under fight of your figures. As the king isn't cut, such provision of figures means the end of the game of chess, that is the mat. If your figure threatens the king, but to him is where to leave, it is not the mat, and the shah. After it the king leaves and the party proceeds. To see the mat two boats, put the king of the opponent on the edge of the board, from any party. And put the king on the opposite edge, it isn't required. Now one boat ""cut off"" the enemy king from the rest of the board that he could go only on cages on the last line. For this purpose the boat has to stand on the penultimate line. And put the second boat to one line with the king that it threatened the king and kept all fields of the last line under control. It is also the mat. Only have the boats as it is possible further from the king that he didn't cut down them for one course. Now put the king of the opponent in the center of the board. Do in turn the courses and achieve the provision of the mat which we analyzed.

2. Master the mat the queen and the boat. Conditions remain the same, as in the first step. By analogy at first think up the provision of figures at which the mat is visible. Then put the king of the opponent in the center of the board and do the courses in turn, trying to obtain the mat.

3. Learn to put the mat the king and the queen. Now your king will actively participate in the game.

4. Put the mat the king and the boat. Without the assistance of the king the boat won't cope.

5. Master the mat two elephants. It is a little more difficult, but you will cope. The king also helps elephants.

6. Be trained to put the mat the elephant and the horse. It is the most difficult option for beginners. The king is near.

7. Try different combinations of figures. Put the mat the queen and the elephant, the queen and the horse, two elephants and the boat. Think out different conditions to test strength of figures. Two horses can't put the mat, even by means of the king.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team