How to raise the bench press

How to raise the bench press

One of the most popular exercises powerlifters and at body builders have the bench press. To some extent it is the business card of the athlete. Results rather steadily grow in this exercise, but also here sometimes there is the moment of the so-called plateau when weight on the post stiffens, and no efforts help to shift it in the necessary party. Almost only opportunity to considerably increase the results in the bench press is to change the principle of the training.

It is required to you

  • - weightlifting belt;
  • - gloves for powerlifting;
  • - elastic rollers;
  • - help of one or two workmates;
  • - post;
  • - gymnastic bench.


1. Define the single maximum of force. It is the indicator of the maximum weight which you can push from the breast only once. Before it be well warmed and execute two-three warm-up approaches with full range. Between approaches have a rest 2-3 minutes.

2. Establish the weight, close to the maximum, on the post and make so many rises how many you will be able. The last has to be absolutely with a great effort. Calculate the single maximum of force by Bzhezitsky's formula: (operating weight) / (1.0278 - (0.0278 * the number of repetitions)) = the single maximum of force.

3. Unite single raising of the maximum with the normal training set. At rise in the maximum weight the greatest number of muscle fibers gets into gear, but you will hardly be able to lift it 8-10 times that muscles began to grow. Fortunately, after raising of the maximum of the muscle aren't switched off, on the contrary, they prepare for the second wave of loading. Therefore, having lifted the post with the maximum weight, have a rest 3-5 minutes and execute 8-10 repetitions with the habitual weight. You will feel that you can lift much more. Perform work with the single maximum of force at least once a week.

4. In addition there are exercises allowing to improve technology of performance of the press from the breast, so and to increase its effectiveness. These are negative and partial repetitions.

5. Lay down on the gymnastic bench. Establish the weight surpassing your single maximum forces on the post. The post arrange on stances near the bench. Hold the breath and smoothly lower the apparatus to the breast. It has to take 8-12 seconds. The movement has to be very equal. As soon as the signature stamp touches the breast, your assistants have to lift quickly at once the post and return it on stances. Don't help them. Carry out lowerings of the apparatus until you can control the signature stamp.

6. Partial repetitions are intended to work the technique in some point of the movement of the post. Lay down on the gymnastic bench. On the post establish weight close to your single maximum. Remove the post from stances and carry out incomplete lowering of the apparatus. The range of movement of the signature stamp shouldn't be more than 15-25 cm. If you have difficulties with the movement of the post in the lower part of rise, carry out partial repetitions near the breast.

7. Include partial repetitions in the usual training program. The first week work with the weight close to the maximum, the second week establish weight bigger on 15-20 kg. The third week in general you shouldn't work with burdenings. Do only the extension. During this period of the muscle and ligament will be restored, they underwent shock loading which caused the huge number of microinjuries. During the rest period your organism will heal these gaps and will increase new fibers that will promote increase in force.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team