How to raise the drooped breast

How to raise the drooped breast

Idea of the beautiful breast changed eventually. Now the breast which at any gestures keeps the identical form is considered ideal. Therefore, the size – not the main quality. The basic what it is necessary to pay attention to is the breast tone emphasizing its elasticity. The high breast in combination with symmetry of the body and the good bearing looks beautiful.

It is required to you

  • - Gymnastic platform;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - cold water.


1. First of all, for maintenance of the breast in comfortable situation it is necessary to pick up the bra correctly. Remember that too close or spacious - are equally harmful to the breast. In spacious linen the breast will droop, and in close – blood circulation will be broken. At sports activities you wear the special bra which will provide reliable support of mammary glands at continuous fluctuations and pushes.

2. You watch the weight. The gained excess weight will lead to skin extensions. Sharp weight loss, in turn, will entail loss of the internal fat layer therefore the breast will droop. Control the bearing. At the straightened shoulders and the straightened back of the muscle of the thorax assume the part of loading therefore the breast becomes tightened.

3. Try not to sunbathe "topless" in the summer, it creates excess loading to skin of the breast which is twice thinner, than on the face. Under the influence of sunshine she begins to grow old quicker. In the field of the decollete wrinkles and the nevus pigmentosus can be formed. Avoid contact of the breast with hot water and soap not to dry skin. Humidify with the cream containing vitamin complexes.

4. Loss of muscle tissue leads to the obvisaniye of the breast. For extension of the muscles capable to keep the breast in the right place, there are special exercises. Having kneelt, lean hands against the edge of the sofa or the special platform which is at distance of 1 meter from you. Bend hands in elbows and touch by the breast the platform. Then receive the home position. Performing exercise, don't cave in in the waist and you hold hands shoulder width apart. Repeat how many you will be able, gradually bringing to 15 repetitions. When you master exercise, you can carry out it, being wrung out from the floor.

5. Exercises for muscles of the breast can be performed by means of the expander. Sit down on the chair or get up on the floor, and, having straightened shoulders, straighten the back. You hold the expander at the level of shoulders before yourself. Begin to part hands in the parties. Pull the expander, taking away hands as it is possible further back. Be late for 10 seconds in the extreme point and return to the home position. Repeat exercise of 15 times. You watch that hands were on one line.

6. There is one more exercise which can be carried out both with dumbbells, and without them. Put legs shoulder width apart, put one hand on the hip, and another describe the big circle, straining breast muscles. Make three waves forward, and then back. Then execute the same, having changed hands. In total - on 10 repetitions for each hand, and then as much rotate time at the same time two hands.

7. Water – the good assistant at restoration of the shape of the breast. Cold water strengthens blood inflow. However for achievement of good results not less than three times a day are recommended to carry out hydrotherapeutic procedures. Moisten the breast with the sponge shipped in water which temperature is equal to 15 °C or irrigate the breast from the spray with water dust, having added several camomile drops to the bottle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team