How to receive the grade in powerlifting

How to receive the grade in powerlifting

Powerlifting – power triathlon in which award categories and ranks for the certain weight which the athlete gains in the sum of the squat, bench press and stanovy draft. It is important to understand conditions of obtaining categories for achievements at competitions.

It is required to you

  • - hall;
  • - apparatuses;
  • - signature stamp;
  • - iron;
  • - coach;
  • - training plan.


1. Find powerlifting section in the place of your accommodation. To you it is necessary to the hall in which there will be no many expensive exercise machines. In it only be stances, the horizontal bench, the signature stamp, locks have to and it is a lot of pancakes. Besides, the skilled coach with whom you need to cooperate closely has to watch the course of your preparation to apply for obtaining the category.

2. Be weighed and write down data in the training dairy. Will depend on your weight how many calories you need to consume daily and also for what category according to standards to strive. You can study information on the website

3. Make the step-by-step plan of achievement of your purpose with the mentor. For a start set to yourself the task to receive 1 youthful or at once 3 adult category.

4. Be engaged strongly throughout all season and be prepared for competitions. Begin to follow that plan which you developed with the coach. First of all, perfect technology of performance of exercises in triathlon. You come to trainings every other day and every week try to raise cargo on apparatuses, at the same time without forgetting about correctness and clearness of performance of exercises.

5. Study standards. Categories in powerlifting are awarded in categories of the junior, juniors (19-23 years) and girls, young men (14-18 years). It is necessary for its assignment that the stated number of years was executed to you in the year of competitions. Act at the level of schools, the university (area) or the city.

6. Competitions can carry both the open, and closed character. However anyway, if you show that result which you expect concerning the weight in the sum, will be appropriated to you either 1-3 youthful, or 1-3 adult categories. Besides, if you take the prize-winning or first place, you will be awarded with the special diploma where your weight category, result in kg and the received category will be shown.

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