How to receive the sports category

How to receive the sports category

Desire to receive the sports category is inherent in any person who is actively playing sports. The category is the indicator of physical, technical and tactical fitness of the athlete. It characterizes the level of sports skill and is appropriated at city and regional competitions.


1. Speed of growth of sports skill depends on many factors: correct creation of training process, persistence and will power of the athlete, alternation of the work-rest schedule, balanced food and genetic predisposition. You can check the first four factors. And here you will hardly be able to change genetics. Therefore when choosing sport pass test and reveal the abilities which are most developed at you.

2. Define what is given you easier: run on long distances or on short? Don't you like to run at all? Estimate the opportunities in strength sports: weightlifting or powerlifting. Do you have the excellent reaction? Perhaps, you will suit boxing classes or table tennis. If you didn't play sports at all, and the category is necessary to you, work the first three months the overall physical fitness. Develop equally all abilities: speed, force, endurance, agility, flexibility, etc. In three months estimate dynamics of growth of sports results and choose the sport which is the most suitable for you.

3. After you were defined in what sport you will specialize, register in sports section. Take an interest at the coach whether his pupils compete at competitions how often there take place regional and city competitions on the chosen sport. Learn for what term with your abilities it is possible to achieve the desirable category and what for this purpose needs to be done. Surely get acquainted with competition rules, with digit standards and begin active preparation. Try to train regularly and to precisely follow the program of the coach.

4. As soon as you reach the required indicators, compete at sports competitions. For implementation of the youthful category there is enough participation in city. For assignment of adult categories – in regional. When you confirm implementation of the category, make the extract from the result card and carry it in regional committee on physical culture and sport. In sport committee to you will grant the certificate confirming assignment of the category.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team