How to receive the sports grade in shooting

How to receive the sports grade in shooting

Different types of shooting are the not only professional skills necessary for military, police and other categories of professions. Shooting is also the sport of which many are fond, is also the important component of hunting. Both for professionals, and for fans there is the opportunity to check the skills and to achieve confirmation of the qualification - the grade in shooting. So, how to receive it?


1. Find in the city sports section on shooting. Define what type of shooting interests you most of all - with use of the rifle, small-caliber gun or revolver (large-caliber gun). For each type of weapon there are features of preparation and separate standards. If you want to receive the grade in rifle shooting, then on it it is necessary and to learn to shoot.

2. Before record on delivery of standards consult with the coach. He will prompt to you whether you are ready to pass qualification or additional classes are required.

3. Register in obtaining the category. For this purpose choose, on what type of weapon and what level you want to receive the category. If you have no category yet, you will hand over on the third - the basic category. If you aren't eighteen years old, then you will be able to receive only the youthful category. For it the facilitated standards are provided.

4. Begin preparation for delivery of standards. For self-examination use tables of standards for each category which can be found in your sports club or on the websites of sports associations. In them the age and sex of the participant is also considered, for women of norm is lower. Use consultations of the coach for the best preparation.

5. Except obtaining the category by delivery of standards it is possible to receive it during the shooting competitions. Register and participate in the competition. For this purpose the competition have to conform to certain requirements. For receiving one of youthful categories not less than 12 athletes have to participate in it. For obtaining the adult category at competitions participants from at least three sports collectives have to be presented. For participation in the competition it can be also necessary to undergo selection in your sports section. Declare to the coach the desire to participate, and he will make the decision on your admission on competitions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team