How to recover muscles

How to recover muscles

After exercise stresses and sport the unprepared muscles often disturb the person severe pain. The cause of this pain in lactic acid which is produced in muscles in response to unusual and non-standard loading. Most of people waits until pain passes itself, but in fact you can alleviate the suffering and save yourself from muscular pains after the training.


1. At trainings always you remember that you shouldn't be overstrained. Perform exercises according to the physical state and be not overzealous. Prevention is the best treatment of pain in muscles. Increase loading at trainings not at once, and gradually — as muscles become stronger. Instant and unusual excessive loading will only increase pain. Think over as you will increase loadings and as your muscles will get used to them.

2. If all of you were overstrained, and muscular pain is present, take the heat bath with the weakening oils. Some recommend to visit the bath or the sauna after the occupation, but in fact these methods aren't fully effective.

3. Also you can make massage on sore muscles, but this process is quite disease, and its efficiency doesn't exceed average.

4. To get rid of muscular pain as fast as possible and it is qualitatively possible only when you give to the sore muscle additional easy loading. In intervals between trainings exercise and stretch the sore point. The extension — the basic element of fight against painful feelings. Stretch the muscle several times, fixing it in the necessary situation, and then weakening. Be engaged in the extension, and these exercises will easily save you from muscular discomfort, having returned to the normal state to the next training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team