How to reduce hips exercises

How to reduce hips exercises

Quickly and effectively it is possible to reduce hips, using the combination of methods – physical exercises and the diet. Adhering to this approach, it is possible to remove surplus of fat and to put in general the figure in order. There is the special set of exercises which is directed to hips.


1. By means of squats it is possible not only to pump up hips, but also buttocks. For performance of exercise of the leg place on width of shoulders. Straighten the back and extend hands before yourself. Slowly squat. Pay attention that when performing exercise the knees didn't go beyond toes. At the same time heels shouldn't come off the floor surface. Be recorded in the lower point and slowly return to the initial position. Repeat exercise 10-15 times. Over time the given loading can be increased, carrying out for one approach of 30-40 squats.

2. Perfectly involve muscles of hips - lunges. Receive the home position. Get up directly, having arranged arms on hips. Execute the right forward lunge so that the knee of the left leg practically touched the floor surface. Accurately return to the initial position. Repeat exercise on the left leg. It should be notedIt should be noted that the main complexity when performing lunges - to watch that the knee of the leg didn't go beyond the level of fingers. It is necessary to repeat exercise on 20 times on each leg. When performing lunges the front surface of the hip (chetyrekhglavy muscles), the gluteus and the back part of the hip effectively stretches. If exercise is performed correctly, considerable tension in the front surface of the hip is felt.

3. Between exercises pull muscles which were involved most of all. Thus, next day you won't feel discomfort and nothing will hurt you. For the extension of muscles of hips get up directly. Bend one leg in the knee, having arranged it a little behind. Tighten the sock of this leg to the bottom. Change the leg. To pull the gluteus, the leg should be pressed as much as possible to the breast, having bent it in the knee.

4. For performance of this exercise kneel. Rest the direct or bent hands against the floor. Gradually raise the right leg back, having bent it in the knee at an angle of 90 degrees. Pay attention: when performing swings the heel has to look strictly in the ceiling. Try to raise the leg so that the top part made one line with the case of the body. Execute 15-20 swings each leg.

5. Not less effectively the following exercise involves muscles of hips. Lay down on the stomach. Put hands before yourself, having bent them in elbows. Extend the left leg directly, and right – develop as much as possible aside. Ideally at you the corner in 90 degrees between legs has to be formed. However it depends on the extension and preliminary preparation. Raise the left leg as it is possible above. Pay attention that the knee at the same time has to be straightened, and socks are tense. In this exercise the leg rises at the expense of the gluteus. Execute swings for buttocks and hips of 25 times. After that change legs.

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