How to reduce knees

How to reduce knees

Harmonious knees considerably decorate legs, however to lose weight in knees very hardly, the knee is the joint and to get rid of fat in this area, the general weight loss of the organism is necessary. There are special exercises, had performed which, it is possible to reduce knees considerably.


1. Sit down on the edge of the chair, rest stupnyam against the floor and begin to straighten the right leg slowly. Repeat 50 times, and then change the leg. Perform exercise carefully, don't do swings by inertia.

2. Get up on the floor, slightly bend legs in knees and rest against them hands. Execute till 15-20 spins in each party.

3. Place legs and repeat the previous exercise.

4. Get up on socks and within five minutes walk on the place, gradually accelerating.

5. Holding the support, perform the following exercise: standing on the right leg, rise on the sock. Then repeat exercise for the left leg. To repeat 15-20 times.

6. Get up directly, undertake the support and raise the right leg to the right angle with the trunk. In such situation bend the leg in the knee of 15-20 times, after that change the leg and perform exercise for the left leg.

7. Lay down on the back, connect feet. Smoothly you reduce and you part knees, without moving foot. Repeat exercise of 15 times.

8. Get up exactly, put arms on hips, put legs together, you part legs at the expense of socks and heels. Repeat exercise of 40 times.

9. Get up directly, lower hands along the body, bend the right leg in the knee and smoothly tighten it to the stomach, if necessary helping themselves the hand. Change legs and repeat exercise for the left leg.

10. Lying on the back, put hands for the head, bend legs and part them a little more widely than shoulders. You reduce and part knees. Perform exercise of 50 times.

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