How to reduce the breast in house conditions

How to reduce the breast in house conditions

The vast majority of women in the world dreams of the beautiful, elastic breast which could be proud. At the same time many of them are dissatisfied with own bust. Of course, in the majority cases of the woman consider that their breast could be a little more, than is. But rather often the opposite situation when the owner of excessively magnificent bust dreams to reduce it in any way meets.


1. Before looking for the suitable way to reduce the breast in house conditions, it is necessary to understand, than the excess volume of the bust is caused. The big size of the breast can be caused by three major factors: features of the structure of the figure, excess fat mass or excessive growth of ferruterous tissue of mammary glands.

2. If you have no noticeable excess weight, and the breast looks disproportionately large in relation to the body, there is the sense to visit the endocrinologist. It is possible that the problem is connected with the hormonal imbalance. Whether after the number of analyses the doctor will be able to tell precisely so it and if necessary to appoint hormonal therapy which will slow down growth of ferruterous fabric.

3. If with the hormonal background everything is all right and features of the structure of the body don't assume the big bust, possibly the reason consists many fat deposits in the breast. It is possible to fight against this phenomenon successfully by own efforts, without resorting to surgery. To reduce the bust first of all it is necessary to reduce body lump to make thinner the fat layer. Good news here, certainly, is that at weight loss at women first of all the breast decreases. Bad news is that the dot reduction, that is weight loss of some one, single area of the body, is the myth and it is possible to achieve noticeable result only having lost weight in general.

4. Besides observance of the diet also physical exercises will be necessary for reduction of the breast. The breast, that is directly mammary glands to train it is useless as there are no muscles. However at the regular training of muscles of the breast, the shoulder girdle and the back, the bust is also tightened, becomes more elastic and compact. It is important to remember that sets of exercises have to be various that muscles didn't manage to get used to loadings. Even if there is no opportunity to visit sports club, before the home trainings it is desirable to consult with the professional coach that it made for you the individual program of occupations and showed the proper technique of performance of exercises.

5. Working on the beautiful shape of the breast by means of diets and exercises, it is impossible to forget about the cosmetic looking after means. Regular use of nutritious cream with lifting elements, will give to breast skin additional elasticity and density. Not less effective is water massage by means of the alternating douche. Alternate douche by hot and cool water not only tempers the organism in general, but does the same the breast more tightened and high that visually reduces its size.

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