How to reduce the male breast

How to reduce the male breast

Unlike women, men have the existence of the expressive breast - the shortcoming, but not advantage. And for some men it is the real problem. But it is possible to cope with it if to find out the reason and to make efforts for normalization of health.


1. And women's begin to remind the state at which at the man mammary glands increase somewhat, is called the ginekomastiya. Quite often it comes together with excess weight. At the same time the amount of estrogen (female sex hormones) increases in the male body and increase in the hypodermic fatty tissue. But for the man norm - prevalence of male sex hormones (androgens). In advertizing texts on the websites of plastic surgery it is claimed that only the plasticity and liposuction can reduce the male breast. However it is not the way out, the main problem, the hormonal imbalance, the plasticity can't solve. Therefore, the main objective - normalization of hormonal balance.

2. Analyze the diet. In men can result existence in food of the large amount of isoflavones in excess of estrogen - vegetable analogs of female sex hormones. The striking example - the beer loved by many men: hop is considered one of the most "estrogenic" plants. Therefore it is better for them not to abuse - so you will avoid not only the beer stomach, but also possible problems with hormones. Soy belongs to products rich with izoflafona also. So, first of all correct the food. The nutritionist can help with it.

3. Other reason of excess weight - the hypodynamia, the lack of the movement therefore metabolism and combustion of fat slows down. After you thought over the diet, think of exercise stresses. Remember that the sports can play only if you have no excess obesity, in order to avoid heart troubles. Exercise stresses are useful, first, that they accelerate metabolism, and the man gets rid of excessive fatty tissue quicker. Secondly, as a result of power trainings the amount of testosterone - male sex hormone increases. The best result will be yielded by the combination of aerobic and power loadings. At the power training of pectoral muscles do less approaches more repetitions within one repetition - so fat is burned quicker. If you want to achieve the bigger relief - do on the contrary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team