How to reduce the waist

How to reduce the waist

In certain quantities fat, certainly, is necessary to the organism. It defends internals, serves as "reserve fund" from which the organism scoops energy in hard times. But surplus of fat spoils the figure. Due to fat deposits on sides and in the stomach excess centimeters on the waist are added. To reduce waist measurement without the slightest efforts, of course, it won't turn out, but you shouldn't lower hands.


1. In the stomach surplus of so-called visceral fat often accumulates – it envelops internals, serves as the natural barrier to the hazardous substances which are contained in the organism. To facilitate process of weight loss in the waist, carry out procedures of purgation and the liver. Drink more water to clean kidneys and to bring toxins out of the organism.

2. If there is the opportunity to be engaged in run or to visit the pool – include them in the program of weekly trainings. These sports promote the general strengthening of the organism, disposal of extra kilos in all body. If there is no such opportunity, focus on the exercises intended for area of the waist.

3. Bendings here and there force to work oblique muscles of the stomach. Put legs on width of shoulders or is slightly farther, take the steady position, the case and hips shouldn't deviate forward or back. Put the right hand on the belt, bend to the right side, holding the left hand over the head. Last the left hand as it is possible further sideways. Repeat the same exercise in other party. You have to feel how muscles strain. If it is necessary, record the postural pose in the point of the maximum muscle tension for several seconds.

4. Carry out circular motions by the basin so that the case and shoulders at the same time remained motionless. Then perform the same exercise on the contrary: the basin and legs aren't mobile, rotary motions are carried out only by the case. If it is boring for you to perform exercises, buy exercise machines for the incentive. The disk and the hoop belong to their number. The hoop can be usual or weighted (up to 2 kg), duration of trainings – from 5 to 40 minutes. The disk represents the design from two parallel circles – the lower disk serves as the support, the top disk on which you stand rotates round its pivot-center.

5. The most part of exercises for muscles of the press is performed from the prone position. Give the most part of load of those muscles in which excess fat is located. If it is more of it in the top part, from the prone position tear off shoulders and shovels from the floor if in the lower part – tear off from the leg floor, bent in knees. To involve all muscles of the press, at the same time tear off shoulders and shovels from the floor, at the same time raise straight legs up to that moment until the waist begins to come off the floor. For oblique muscles of the stomach carry out raising of the case from the lateral decubitus: bend legs in knees, the hand which is from above a little, put for the head, at rise try to last the elbow as it is possible further. Over time increase loading – press muscles quickly enough get used to work.

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