How to reduce the waist exercises

How to reduce the waist exercises

The woman can have wide hips, full legs and insufficiently big breast, but the lack of the waist does the figure clumsy. Those to whom the nature didn't give the harmonious camp need to perform the exercises for the waist training the slanting press and the cross muscle.


1. To reduce the waist exercises it is necessary to pay attention to all muscular corset: to sides, stomach, waist. For optimum result as warm-up it is worth carrying out various twisting, and upon termination of the training to stretch.

2. Experts recommend to begin occupation with bendings forward and in the parties without weighting. It is also possible to twist the abuse-hup within 10 minutes. Longer spin of the hoop on the waist is fraught with complications with kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Surely at least two times a week swing the press till the moment until muscles begin to burn. Increase load of belly area gradually, and after the training stretch.

4. Static exercises for the waist are very effective. Besides the classical direct level it is necessary to carry out side: lay down sideways, lean on the forearm, having put it it is perpendicular to the torso. Put the second hand on the belt. On the breath extend the body in the string, leaning on outer side of the lower foot. For increase in load of oblique muscles of the press it is possible to raise one leg up. During performance of exercise you breathe exactly.

5. Lay down on the floor, bend legs in knees at right angle and arrange shins parallel to the floor. Put hands under the head. Serially lower knees on the right, to the left of the body, without tearing off the waist from the floor.

6. Receive the provision "birches". Extend hands and put perpendicular to the body palms down. For balance place legs "slingshot". Slowly turn the lower body on 90 lakes. Be late in the pose as long as possible. Then receive direct situation again and repeat exercise in other party.

7. It is very easy to reduce the waist exercises from yoga. One of suitable positions is the cobra pose. Lying on the stomach, deliver to the palm near the breast. Slowly raise the upper body, leaning on hands and caving in back. To unload the waist strain gluteuses. On the breath turn the case on 90 lakes. Be late in the pose for 30 seconds.

8. Receive the plow pose. Get up on shoulders, extend straight legs parallel to the floor and rest socks against the surface. Exhaling, move with small "short steps" legs and buttocks on 45o to the left, carrying out twisting. Return to the home position and repeat in other party.

9. Lying on the back, put the right leg bent at right angle on the floor, having densely pressed foot to the surface. Put the right palm under the head. Place the left ankle on the right hip, watching that the knee looked accurately aside. The left hand arrange parallel to the body palm up. Strain the press and, without moving the lower body, displace the thorax to the left knee. Change legs and repeat.

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