How to reel up bandage for kickboxing

How to reel up bandage for kickboxing

Kickboxing - rather traumatic sport. Perhaps, the easiest and effective way to defend hands in damages the tapirovaniye is. Bandage densely pull together brush joints that allows to reduce number of injuries. It is enough to the beginning athletes to use elastic rollers 2.5 meters long.


1. As a rule, bandage are on sale winded in rolls in such a way that "velcro" is above, and the loop for the finger - inside. To reel up bandage on the hand, it is necessary to curtail it on another. Unwind bandage at all length, accurately straighten and lay so that velcros pile appeared above, and "triggers" - below.

2. Curtail the tape with triggers into the hard roll and continue to take up bandage, pulling a little and straightening it. Having twisted all bandage, dress the loop for the finger on the roll. It is recommended to store bandage in such look - it won't be unwound when transporting and is completely ready to bandaging.

3. Take bandage and put on the loop the thumb. Throw the roll through the hand back. Gush over through the wrist and, having slightly pulled, remove obliquely to outer side of the little finger.

4. Run the roll between the ring finger and the little finger and direct it to the wrist. Wrap up around the brush.

5. Direct bandage from outer side of the wrist obliquely to the index finger. Wind the finger, having carried out the tape between it and the average, direct to the wrist and once again wrap up around the hand.

6. Wrap up the ring finger. For this purpose carry out bandage between it and the little finger, remove from the long finger, again direct to the wrist and make the half-turn around the brush.

7. Wind the long finger, having directed the tape between it and index and having removed to anonymous. Carry out the tape to the basis of the thumb and wrap up around the wrist.

8. Stretch to the index finger so that bandage blocked bones. Carry out under the palm and remove about the little finger. Throw through bones to the thumb and once again carry out under the palm.

9. Direct to the wrist, unwind "velcro" and fix it on the brush.

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