How to reel up boxing bandage

How to reel up boxing bandage

The successful performance of the athlete in tournaments and competitions depends not only on its natural abilities and intensity of trainings, but also on skillful use of sports equipment necessary for it. And the boxing in this plan isn't the exception to the rules. In particular, in this sport it is important to be able to reel up boxing bandage correctly.


Annually hundreds of young and very perspective young men and girls forever finish the not begun career in this sport because of the injuries got for very offensive and annoying reason - because of ignorance how to reel up boxing bandage.

The hand of the boxer is defended in the stretchings which are brought down in blood of bones and by the most important of dislocations, boxing bandage. And if it is over and over again wrong to do bandaging, soon hands will become absolutely unsuitable for the heaviest loadings of fight. And to understand how to reel up boxing bandage, and to learn to do it quickly, qualitatively and accurately, it is possible only in 5 minutes.

For a start correctly curtail bandage, it is simply inconvenient to reel up it in the developed state. Hardly twist it, so that the eyelet appeared outside, and the sticker inside. Pass the thumb throughout the loop and pull it to the little finger on outer side of the brush. Then, make couple of turns around the wrist, but don't tighten too hardly not to break blood circulation. Check, whether conveniently for the hand with the reeled-up bandage whether there are no folds on it.

Wind the brush so that joints were reliably recorded. Start bandaging of fingers - from the little finger to big. With the last there can be some difficulties, but they easily are solved. Wind bandage around the wrist then and around the finger.

Accurately overwind it the eight on the hand back between index and the thumb, make one more winding around the wrist and fix the velcro. On it the procedure of winding of boxing bandage is complete.

Check whether it is convenient to you and whether the bandage which is wrapped up around the brush hinders its movement. If there are no problems - means, your hand is reliably defended in the accidental trauma, and you can safely come for fight or the training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team