How to register to the pool

How to register to the pool

Pools united themselves fans of swimming of various categories for a long time: from the beginners who are just learning to swim to professional athletes. And it is valid: where still it is regularly possible to do during the whole year such useful sport? As a rule, in the large cities there are several swimming institutions. Therefore if you decided to register to the pool, then it is necessary to know several moments.


1. Whether for a start learn properly there are such near your house.

2. When choosing the pool the important role is played also by its attendance so be not too lazy to take an interest at the administrator, is how free in this plan in the sports facility chosen to you in what hours the flow of visitors decreases and in what on the contrary "not to force the way".

3. Obligatory medical check-up becomes the following step. Today the majority of pools have at themselves the medical office and the doctor that allows to have examination without visit of policlinic, without wasting time for standing in turns. Let's remind that the issued reference valid only within the month therefore don't forget it to prolong.

4. After obtaining the necessary conclusion it is necessary to get all necessary things: it is possible to visit the pool only in the special hat. However, it also most often can be bought at the most pool complex. At will, it is possible to get also water points that will allow you to avoid irritation or the allergy from the chlorinated water.

5. Well and the last that you will need to make, before direct visit of the pool, so to buy it or the ticket for single visit, or the subscription on the certain term (of month to year). However upon purchase of the subscription there is considerable minus. If you suddenly got sick and couldn't come to the pool, then money for for classes which you skipped, nobody will return to you. And these visits aren't postponed to the next month in any way. It turns out that having got sick, you can lose at least an hour of health, and this time of one your visit of the pool.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team