How to remove ""ears"" quickly

How to remove ""ears"" quickly

Hated ears on hips are the fat, and therefore to remove it, being only engaged on the special exercise machine or performing magic exercise, it is impossible. To get rid of fat deposits in problem places, it is necessary to lose weight in general. And various exercises on assignment of hips will help to tighten muscles only. Therefore your program of creation of harmonious hips has to include aerobic exercises, the diet and exercises on assignment of the hip.

It is required to you

  • - ladder;
  • - post signature stamp;
  • - rubber expander cord.


1. It is possible to get rid of fat by means of the diet or long low-intensive loading. Here ski race, jogging on average pace and swimming belongs. But the best way to get rid of excess fatty tissue on hips is the rise on the ladder. Every day rise and go down on it on foot. If you can't rise more, than by two floors, pass at least so much, and do the remained way on the elevator. The main thing that next day, you rose by one flight more. Gradually increase pace of the movement. The more intensively you will be engaged, the quicker you will get rid of excess volume in hips.

2. Be engaged with the expander to tighten the taking-away hip muscles. Wind around ankles the cord from the rubber expander. Put legs on width of shoulders. Arms on hips, back direct. The right leg take the step aside to stretch the expander. Socks have to be directed forward. Sit down and transfer body weight to heels. Feel expander tension. Become straight and put the left leg so that again to return to the home position. Execute 12-15 steps to the right. Then make as much steps to other party.

3. Get up directly. On shoulders put the signature stamp from the post. It can be replaced with dumbbells weight 2.5-4kg depending on your preparation. Put legs more widely than shoulders, develop socks in the parties. Slowly squat so as if you sit down on the chair. You watch that knees didn't go far beyond the imagined line passing through finger-tips of legs. Fall until hips become parallel to the floor. Be late in this point for two seconds and slowly return to the home position. Execute three approaches till 10-15 of squats.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team