How to remove excess fat standing

How to remove excess fat standing

How many symmetry and grace at ballerinas! Perhaps, it is difficult to see the ballerina with ugly legs. Ballet exercises help to take to legs desirable shape, excessively without injuring them. Regular jobs will make your legs ideal.

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1. Run about 5-7 minutes, almost without tearing off the foot from the floor and highly raising knees. Direct the movement of run back, trying to touch by legs of buttocks.

2. Feel the ballerina. Connect heels, get up directly, straighten shoulders. Tuck buttocks and the stomach in. You breathe quietly. Bend hands before yourself, weaken brushes. Sit down on one leg, extend another forward. Take it aside and back, you watch that the sock was parallel to the floor. Your case has to be left without the movement. Don't straighten the bent leg. Repeat, squatting on other leg. Execute till 10-20 times each leg. At the beginning of the occupations do each exercise so many time how many you can, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.

3. Sit down on knees. You watch the bearing and alternately you sit down on the left buttock, on right. Hands can be taken away slightly forward. Do exercise of 20-25 times.

4. Sit down on the floor, slightly lean back back and lean on elbows. Raise legs by 45 degrees. Serially and quickly change the top and lower position of legs. At the correct performance of the muscle of the press shouldn't strain. Action of exercise can be strengthened, moving apart legs in the parties. Don't forget about balance. Execute 30-40 times.

5. Receive situation "lying on the back". Extend hands along the body. Raise legs perpendicularly up. You part and cramp them 15-20 times. Exercise needs to be performed smoothly. It promotes the extension and endurance of muscles.

6. Lay down on the back, part hands in the parties. Carry out leg swings. In the middle and at the end of exercise make the extension. Embrace the leg and as much as possible tighten it to yourself. It is necessary to repeat exercise of 25-30 times each leg.

7. Sit down on the floor, having straightened the back. Legs have to touch each other. Extend socks. Cave in forward, feel how inguinal muscles stretch. It is possible to stop several times in the provision of trunk bending to stupnyam. Execute 10 times. Part legs. Now in the same technique do bendings to each leg on 10 times.

8. Receive situation "lying on one side". The elbow has to be your support. Legs should be extended. Then carry out upward swings, reaching the head. Several times it is possible to attract the leg to the head, stretching muscles. Repeat exercise of 25-30 times each leg.

9. Let's muscles have a rest after the training. For this purpose lay down on the floor and relax. Lie down so 3-5 minutes. Carry out this complex 3 times a week 30-40 minutes.

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