How to remove fat from the back

How to remove fat from the back

The problem of excess weight arises not only at women, some men also wish to leave several kilograms. It is especially difficult to get rid of fat folds on the back. Massage and regular physical exercises will help you to forget about the problem of folds in the back.

It is required to you

  • Dumbbells or bottles with water.


1. Fat folds on the back arise because of improper feeding and also owing to the passive lifestyle. Begin to deal with this problem from foot walks, walk upstairs on foot, forget about the elevator, you watch the bearing, run or ride the bike. Begin to give to the muscles necessary loading. It is possible, of course, to begin to visit gym. The experienced instructor will give to you the valuable advice, will recommend the set of exercises. But if you have no time or means for occupations with the instructor, it is possible to begin to be engaged in house conditions. The benefit, there is the set of safe and simple exercises.

2. By the way, the pool helps to load back muscles. Register to the pool, do classical swimming or water aerobics. Water not just gives feeling of ease, but also actively loads muscles as water pressure and also resistance affects at the movement. For obtaining good effect, it is necessary to be engaged at least two times a week on an hour and a half.

3. Get up directly, place legs shoulder width apart, the back is straightened. Take away hands for the back and link in the lock. Begin to cave in slowly in the back, sticking out the breast forward. At the same time raise and lower the hands linked in the lock. You have to feel how shovels are closed among themselves. Perform this exercise three minutes in two-three approaches.

4. For the following exercise you will need dumbbells on one and a half kilograms or usual plastic bottles filled with water (sand). Pick up cargo and incline the case forward, begin to part dumbbells in the parties. Try not to bend at the same time hands in elbow joints. Make four approaches on twelve repetitions. This exercise perfectly studies average and the upper back, helps to fight against fat deposits.

5. Turns in the parties load wide muscles of the back and perfectly improve sides in places of plication. Get up exactly in the middle of the room and place legs shoulder width apart. Try to take away the shoulder together with the hand on the maximum range back, carrying out at the same time the shaking movements and stretching back muscles. Do the same with other hand. Make two approaches two minutes. Remember that what you would be exercises and ways of fight against fat folds on the back chose, the systematicity is very important. The main thing is to set the goal and to go safely to it.

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