How to remove fat from the stomach in the week

How to remove fat from the stomach in the week

The fat localized around the waist and the stomach very much spoils figure parameters and if there is a lot of excess weight, then it negatively affects also health. It is possible to remove fat deposits from the stomach quickly enough, but only as a result of the integrated approach.

At once It should be notedIt should be noted that in the week it is impossible to lose weight by 10-20 kg, however if to approach process of weight loss in a complex, then kilograms five in seven days can be ""thrown off"". But also initial weight - the it is important more, the hated kilograms ""will quicker thaw"". So, what it is necessary to do that in the week to lose considerable volumes of the stomach.

First of all it is worth reconsidering the food. In the form of cakes, candies, rolls and other it is necessary to refuse fast carbohydrates. Proteinaceous products with the small amount of fat and also various salads and garnishes from not starchy vegetables have to enter the basis of food. The important factor - the frequency of meal and its quantity. It is optimum to eat four times a day, and one portion shouldn't exceed 250-300 g on volume. Plus such food is that at it fat deposits, but not muscles ""burn down"".

You shouldn't forget also about exercise stresses. As proteinaceous products (and they promote accumulation of muscle bulk), during this period it is better to refuse power trainings in advantage kardio are taken as the basis of food. If it is required to lose weight only in the stomach and the waist, then special attention should be paid to exercises for this part of the body. Exercises for study of oblique muscles (various turns, twisting) and direct muscles of the stomach will do good (exercises for study of the press).

Perfectly the exercise the vacuum based on breath studies muscles of the abdominal cavity. Exercise as follows is done:

  • it is necessary to put legs shoulder width apart and to bend them in knees a little, to take away buttocks back, hands to lean on hips;
  • it is deep to inhale, weaken the press so that at inhalation the stomach was inflated;
  • to exhale all air from lungs, to strain the press and to tuck in itself the stomach in under edges;
  • to detain this situation for 7-15 seconds;
  • to repeat exercise of 15 times. To make 2-3 more approaches.

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