How to remove fat in the stomach

How to remove fat in the stomach

What woman doesn't dream to get rid of extra kilos and to have the flat tightened stomach? But, considering that construction of the beautiful, slender body demands persistent work and rigid discipline, many and leave this dream unrealized. Try to leave the vicious circle.


1. Even the beefy press is simply not visible under the thick layer of fat. Therefore, besides physical exercises not to do you without the good cardioloading allowing to burn many calories. Stop the choice on the types of physical activity involving muscles of the back and the stomach, for example, rope jumping, belly dance or kickboxing. Be engaged 30-45 minutes, alternating intensity, three-five times a week.

2. Make the press firm by means of the acquaintance from school physical education classes of exercise which remains the most effective way of finding of the slender waist and flat stomach also now. This exercise – kind old "bicycle" which will force to work everything including remote, press muscles.

3. Lying on the back, lift and bend legs in knees. Shins have to be parallel to the floor. Close fingers, put hands for the head, part elbows aside, strain the press. Straighten at an angle 45 degrees to the floor the right leg, at the same time tearing off the head, the neck, shovels from the floor. Stretch to the left knee the right shoulder. Slowly come back to the initial position, then repeat exercise from other leg. It will be considered for one repetition.

4. Carry out "bicycle" not less than three-four times a week. Begin with two-three approaches on ten-fifteen repetitions, and gradually bring the number of repetitions to twenty. For increase in loading extend the leg as much as possible parallel to the floor. For creation of the maximum load on stomach muscles, try to work with all case, at the same time leaving the bent leg motionless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team