How to remove fat under mice: exercises

How to remove fat under mice: exercises

Even at thin girls the axillary hollows can acquire unattractive fat rollers. Also happens very difficult to give to this zone fit look. Not to refuse to itself pleasure to carry in the summer open tops and sexual T-shirts, begin to perform simple exercises already now.

Nutritionists and fitness coaches are sure that the folds framing armpits it is not so excess weight, and just insufficiently developed muscles of the breast and bicepses. The similar problem arises at people, the most part of time spending at the computer and not watching the bearing. Thereof inflow of blood to fabrics is broken and ugly rollers at hand are formed. Therefore only special exercises, but not diets will help to remove fat from armpits.

How to deal with the problem every day

That armpits looked tightened, it is necessary to perform several simple exercises daily. For example, when long you sit at the desktop, allocate time for warm-up. Get up, stretch, execute spins by shoulders and hands. If the room allows, make several push-ups, at least from the chair or from the sofa. Besides, during the working day you watch the bearing, try to lean less on the chair back, and to use more the muscular corset of the back.

It will be ideal to register in swimming or shaping which you can visit after work. If there is no such opportunity, the complex of elementary exercises which it is easy to carry out houses will help to remove fat from armpits.

The most effective exercises

The first exercise is performed with the small ball or the cushion. Become directly, legs shoulder width apart, you hold the ball with the hands extended forward. Rhythmically squeeze palms the elastic surface for the minute, feeling as bicepses and pectoral muscles strain. Then repeat actions with the hands raised over the head, then – with bent in elbows before the breast. Extension of the towel is considered not less effective. Take the piece of elastic fabric both hands at distance of 0.5 m and slowly stretch it in the parties. You watch that shoulders remained motionless. In the final point record intense hands for 1 minute, then relax for 10 seconds. Then perform exercise, having raised straight arms over the head. Repeat at least 5 times. The following exercise is taken from yoga. "The dolphin pose" – so it is called – perfectly strengthens not only axillary hollows, but also bicepses, muscles of the slanting press and the corset. Become in the level position parallel to the floor – lean on the elbows divorced shoulder width apart, link brushes in the lock, legs together, empasize feet socks. On the exhalation slowly raise the basin, completely straightening knees. Be late above on one breath and the exhalation, then again fall to the level pose. You watch that heels constantly were at one level. It is for this purpose better to rest feet against the wall or the sofa. Once having begun to fight against folds in armpits, you will understand that results are visible from the first occupations. The main thing, don't give up the training and you watch the bearing.

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