How to remove sides: exercises in pictures

How to remove sides: exercises in pictures

Fat deposits on sides bring inconveniences to many women. It is quite difficult to get rid of them therefore their owners should put a lot of effort. The most effective remedy is physical exercises.

Effective exercises

First of all, to achieve noticeable result, it is necessary to work side muscles of the stomach and hips. Therefore making for itself the set of exercises, first of all, include in it bendings, exercises on the press and also on development of oblique muscles of the stomach. More effective exercises will be done by dumbbells. Regular trainings will burn calories and will bring closer the shape of the body to ideal.

Begin with movements of the case. Get up, become straight, place legs on width of shoulders. Pay attention that your hips have to remain motionless, you hold hands on the waist. Turn shoulders in different directions, moving after them the case, and, the lower half of the trunk has to remain absolutely motionless.

Bendings with the raising up of the knee are also effective in fight against sides. For this purpose, standing directly, put legs on width of shoulders. Then slowly squat as if you sit down on the chair. Hands have to be linked in the lock, being in the region of the right hip. Becoming straight, draw with hands the arch towards the left hip that they moved over the head. Raise the leg to hip level. Well exercise "bicycle" copes with excess fat formations on sides. For this purpose lay down on the floor and, having bent legs in knees, lift them up. Further the right elbow reach for the left knee and vice versa. Side rises. You lay down sideways and get the right hand for the head. Shoulders should be developed so that the room ceiling was well visible to you. Lift the case on 20 times in each party. If you want to do exercise more difficult, try to execute bendings in the parties, having picked up dumbbells. Bend to the right and raise the left hand over the head then return to the initial pose. Repeat everything in other party. It is also possible to carry out bendings with the hands lowered down. At the same time hands, bending, it isn't necessary to lift.

Exercises on the fitball

To bring the variety trainings and to make them more significant it is possible by means of the fitball. Occupations on the ball allow to unload joints and legs, and press muscles at the same time become more elastic. The fitball is unstable therefore it is necessary to keep constantly balance thanks to what fat is actively burned, and excess centimeters disappear. Besides, thanks to occupations on the ball, the bearing improves. Movements by the basin allow to put into muscle work of buttocks and the lower body and oblique muscles of the press. Sit down on the ball, try to hold the back the straight line, and take away shoulders back, put legs on the floor. Begin to roll buttocks the fitball extensively, without moving at the same time the case. Bendings in different directions, leaning on one knee, - the great way to lose weight in the belt. Kneel on the left side from the ball. Extend before yourself the left leg, having bent it in the knee. Put the right hand on the ball, and left remove for the head. Slightly incline the body to the right, make bending to the left side, hips at the same time have to remain motionless. Leg raises. Lay down on the ball sideways, at the same time rest the hand against the floor. Straighten legs, try to lean on the outer edge of the foot. Highly raise the left leg, and then return to the initial position. Do the same the second leg. Lay down on the floor, bend legs in knees, having laid them on the ball. Take for a drive him here and there. It is possible to try to clamp the fitball between knees, and already then to raise legs at an angle in 90 degrees - to these you complicate exercise. Then lower them in different directions.


Besides, the sports hoop is very effective against deposits on sides. Modern hulakhup it can be made of various materials and it is supplied with various massage nozzles and sometimes even counters of calories. It promotes reduction of waist measurements and sides and also well masses the stomach and hips. Twist it 15 minutes daily.

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