How to remove the tone of muscles

How to remove the tone of muscles

The reflex muscle tension is called the muscle tone. Thanks to the tone of people can keep balance, hold the pose, carry out movements. Muscles of the human body normal never are absolutely weakened.


1. Estimate the condition of the muscle tone, watching movements. The muscular hypertension (increase in the tone of muscles) is characterized by dense muscles of the body with the distinct relief. At implementation of passive movements the rigidity of joints, the muscle tension is noted.

2. Carry out the set of exercises for removal of the muscle tone. Such occupations will help to learn to relax and calm down. Lay down on the floor, hands and legs place in the parties a little. Throw back the head upward, close eyes. Within 5–10 minutes deeply you breathe. Carry out the breath through the nose, and exhaled – through the mouth. At the same time try to relax as much as possible. Feel how all body grows heavy.

3. Carry out exercises on the alternating voltage and relaxation of separate groups of muscles. In such a way you will feel the difference between the muscle tone and relaxation. Repeat each exercise 3 times.

4. Receive the home position as in the step 2. Strain muscles of the forehead and the top part of the head, then sharply dump tension. Wrinkle the nose and strong narrow eyes for 5 seconds and relax. Close with lip tension, and then open teeth and slightly open the mouth a little.

5. Strain shoulders and forearms, squeeze hands in the fist. Record situation for 3–5 seconds. Then slowly as much as possible relax muscles. Raise shoulders up, straining muscles of the back and the neck. Quietly remove stress.

6. Make the deep breath, hold the breath. On the exhalation relax the thorax. Then repeat exercise, straining breast muscles on the exhalation. You pass to stomach muscles. On the breath hold the breath and strain the press. Slowly exhale, removing muscular constraint.

7. Squeeze buttocks to the condition of petrifaction and sharply weaken. Strain all muscles of legs from hips to heels. Remain in tension several seconds, and then relax.

8. Hold the breath on the deep breath and strain all muscles of the body, and on the exhalation completely relax. Lie down some time in the quiet weakened state.

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