How to restore elasticity of the breast

How to restore elasticity of the breast

There is a lot of exercises for improvement of the form and elasticity. It and the special sets developed by experts of bodybuilding and usual, long ago known for school physical education classes. If you have no opportunity to visit the gym, you can quite carry out houses the set of exercises in order that your breast looked faultlessly.


1. It is the best of all to hold your physical exercises not right after you woke up – at this time your muscles have still a rest, but after all till the lunch. In the evening when the organism is tired, occupations have no due effect too.

2. Before intensive performance of exercises warm your muscles simple, easy movements. And then you can carry out approximately such set of exercises:

3. Catch the rubber ball, extend hands before yourself, having bent them in elbows. Press as it is possible stronger on the ball palms.

4. Do circular motions by shoulders clockwise. At the same time brushes of your hands have to lie on shoulders.

5. Become straight. Extend one hand up, another – down and rotate them in different directions like the mill.

6. Lean palms against the wall and try to approach it, and then to make a start sharply.

7. Sitting on the chair, undertake behind hands sides of its back, take away elbows back and strongly cave in the breast forward, take away the head back.

8. Link fingers of the wrist lock grips bent shoulder width apart and try to uncouple abrupt movement them in the parties.

9. Link alternately fingers of hands behind the back – one hand from top to down, another – from below up.

10. Be wrung out from the floor or the window sill, having widely parted hands, you hold the forearm perpendicularly to the floor or the edge of the window sill.

11. Lying on the back, pick up dumbbells and part them in the parties. Lift dumbbells before yourself up.

12. Lying on the floor, bend hands with the dumbbells clamped in them in elbows. You hold dumbbells before yourself. Unbend hands and part them in the parties, without touching the floor.

13. It is necessary to repeat all exercises from 6 to 10 times. If you feel that you easily can cope with them and it isn't enough, you can gradually increase the number of repetitions.

14. At the end of occupation calm and relax muscles: to the postoyta and just take in weight hands, stir up hands, lean hands against the wall and several seconds hang for a while on them.

15. Take the weighty book and wear it on the head. You can repeat this exercise several times a day, yet don't straighten the bearing that is necessary for improvement not only the shape of the breast and your appearance, but also for the general state of health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team