How to return the flat stomach after the delivery

How to return the flat stomach after the delivery

There are women for whom extra kilos and the drooped stomach are the reason for the postnatal depression. Diets and the strengthened exercise stresses negatively affect not only health, but also taste of breast milk. However the flat stomach can be returned by means of the simple set of exercises.

  • - Dumbbells;
  • - hoop;
  • - jump rope.

1. In couple of days later childbirthof (without operational intervention) the woman can perform during the day simple exercises. Very slowly tuck the stomach in in yourself, fix situation for several seconds and relax muscles, at the same time breath also has to be deep.

2. Lay down on the back, holding hands the bed handle, or sit down on the bed, supporting by hands the waist. Slowly raise legs up and hold them at the height of 30-45 degrees several seconds, then smoothly lower.

3. Sit down on the edge of the bed and knees squeeze the bottle or the book so long as far as there will be enough forces. Then relax muscles (the elastic ball will be ideal for this exercise).

4. Put swings of the nogamiruka on the waist, legs – together, alternately do swings to the right-to the left and back and forth. Perform exercise very slowly therefore lean against the wall or on the chair back better.

5. Forward-nazadnogi put bending together, press hands to the trunk, slowly raise hands up and you take away back, caving in in the backbone. Then slowly come back and bend down to legs, touching hands the floor.

6. To the right-vlevoruki put bendings on the waist, bend against the stop to the right side, you are late for 15 seconds, then bend to the left side with deduction of situation. Then leave the left hand on the waist, and right lift up and when bending last to the left down, then change hands.

7. Turns to the lezhalyagta on the back, lift and bend legs in knees, rest hands against the floor. Lower legs to the floor knees in different directions.

8. Place press legs and bend in knees, link hands in the lock for the head. Raise the head and forearms of degrees on 30-45 and hold situation minute, then fall. Further put legs on the chair or the sofa and lift the case to knees, at the same time hands can be behind the head or at the level of the breast with dumbbells.

9. To the right-vlevoruki put turns on the waist, slightly move apart legs. Turn to the right, then to the left, holding situation on turn for several seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team