How to rise in the stance on elbows

How to rise in the stance on elbows

The stance on elbows helps to strengthen the blood system, the back, to supply with oxygen the brain, to improve the statics and sense of equilibrium. For performance of exercise it is necessary to carry out the preparatory stage not to do much harm to the organism.

To execute the stance on elbows much more simply, than the handstand. It can be considered preparatory exercise for more difficult. Especially modern this exercise by that who prefers trainings with the weight. It helps to feel well the body, to strengthen muscles, to do the figure slim.

The stance on elbows trains the back, legs, develops the statics and sense of equilibrium. During performance, blood flows to the upper body that promotes improvement of health, strengthening of the blood system. Legs at the same time begin to have a rest after long day.

Preparatory stage

Not all will be able to get up at once in the stance on elbows and to stay at least several seconds. For a start try to get up on the head, leaning on palms. If this exercise is given difficult, it is possible to lean legs against the wall that pouprazhnyat the back. At the same time you watch position of legs – they have to be the straight lines at the foot extended and to adjoin with each other. After the headstand without support on the wall comes easily, it is possible to try to become on elbows. Here too the first times it is possible to lean against the wall to experience what muscles are more involved and to catch feeling where there has to be the point of support.

The accompanying exercises

It was simpler to do the handstand, it is necessary to prepare the organism for static loads. For this purpose it is necessary to be wrung out from the floor, to do chin-ups, swing the press. During the similar trainings also the back is involved. When performing exercises you watch that legs were straight lines, observe the correct posture. Perfectly handstand push-up helps. At the same time legs rest against the wall to keep the stance and not to fall. If you are able to be wrung out at least seven times, then there will be enough force to stay on elbows minute and more.

What to pay attention at the initial stages to

At the first trainings you monitor the provision the foot. Socks are extended, the foot are connected. Some consider that it is more for the esthetics, but try to bend legs and to part the foot and you will understand that it is in that case simpler to hold balance, but the back receives additional loading. At the extended socks it is more difficult to hold balance, but it gives bigger effect for development of the organism. Also it is necessary to pay attention to frankness of legs. Straight legs – guarantee of uniform distribution of loads of all body. Moreover, if you begin to bend legs, you can lose balance. When the stance on elbows easily gives, it is possible to try to part legs in the parties as if you carry out the cross split. Situation the trunk – the most important component of the correct performance of exercise. You have to feel easy load of the press. At the waist there is also loading to keep balance. For this reason at the first stages it is important to pump up press muscles. The stance on elbows demands tension in the shoulder girdle. Besides, the back, the press, legs, the neck are involved. Therefore it is necessary to warm up before performance by exercise. It is also important to carry out it it is weakened, deriving pleasure. Similar exercises are directed to relaxing nervous system, to give rest to the lower extremities, to supply with oxygen the brain.

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