How to run and to be tired

How to run and to be tired

Jog is the optimum type of loading for those who don't want to lift dumbbells and to do sports demanding big expenses of forces. To maintain physical activity, without being tired and without exhausting at the same time, it is quite possible even for beginners.

It is required to you

  • - sneakers;
  • - sportswear.


1. Increase loading gradually. The main problem of the beginners complaining of terrible fatigue after run consists in the wrong load distribution. They try to run as much as possible, disregarding unpreparedness of the organism. The first three-five jogs shouldn't take more than ten-fifteen minutes, hold low pace and at fatigue slow down before walking. Gradually add five minutes by the time of jog, in several weeks you will increase the results both in time, and in speed.

2. Pick up the correct footwear. One of the major conditions for run - good sneakers. Address the consultant in sports shop and with its help pick up variant, optimal for you. It is necessary to make a start from the surface on which you are going to run (the track in the hall, asphalt or soil).

3. Buy sportswear. It shouldn't constrain movements, draw the body and create any discomfort. Sports shorts and the shirt will become ideal option for summer months. If you decided to run in cold season, it is necessary to warm the thorax, the neck and the head.

4. You breathe into three scores. The correct breath - guarantee of good health after run. Take the breath and the exhalation, having counted to three on each of them.

5. You watch the postural pose. Your head has to be raised, the back is straightened. Slightly bend hands in elbows, record brushes in the fist. Lower foot on the earth smoothly, don't jump up during run.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team