How to run in the rain

How to run in the rain

The one who with big pleasure runs in good weather not really willingly comes for jog during the rain. And in vain. Run is in the rain capable to give double joy – you keep sportswear and at the same time enjoy the pure, washed with rain water air. It is only necessary to put on so that not to get wet from head to foot.

1. It is possible to run in the rain only in the presence of the correct regimentals. In what to put on for jog depends on the surrounding temperature and intensity of precipitation. During the blind summer rain it is possible not to put on anything special, remaining in usual training things which will dry, before you will manage to arrive home.

2. If on the street it is windy, and couple of drops only periodically are on the silver platter, you need the good windbreaker in the form of the light vest. It will keep heat of the body, having defended it in cold air, the hands which remained naked will prevent in the natural way overheating of the organism.

3. The weather and the heavy rain are colder, the need for the dense, waterproof jacket increases more promptly. You shouldn't stop on cheap option, it is better to overpay a little, but to take qualitative clothes which not only don't get wet, but also are capable to breathe. Otherwise through couple of hundreds of meters you will already feel as to the bath. It is outside wet from the rain, from sweat inside. Usual jackets are suitable for run a little, as a rule they are quite thick, but if there is nothing else near at hand, can try that from this will leave.

4. As for footwear to avoid wet legs it won't turn out. Not to put on rubber boots jog, and usual sneakers will be blotted all the same to a degree. As legs will be in the constant movement, overcooling doesn't threaten you, but be ready to callosities which easily appear at friction of footwear about moist skin. It is possible to paste on weak spots in advance the waterproof plaster which will reduce the probability of injury of legs.

5. If you wear glasses, for run in the rain you need the cap with the big peak, for example, the baseball cap. It will defend glasses in the falling drops, will keep to you visibility of the way, will save from small troubles like hit by the leg in the pool. And even if you have excellent sight, don't neglect the cap in cold weather. The wet head in combination with low temperatures promotes easing of immunity, so, and it is possible to ache in this regard absolutely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team