How to run one kilometer

How to run one kilometer

The task to run one kilometer seems to some people just excessive. Of course, it will be how easy for you to run, depends on degree of readiness of your organism. If you are faced by the task to run kilometer, take care of that at the right time start to shape up.

  • Sneakers or gym shoes, sports suit

1. Make for yourself schedule trainings. Define days in which you want to work out. Begin with walking. Just you go. Walk on the forest, the park or the city. Choose the pace which will be comfortable for you. You monitor breath: you breathe rhythmically, deeply, the nose that your muscles and internals received enough oxygen. When you are able to go hour on foot with little effort, pass to run. Gradually introduce run in the program of your trainings. Let in the beginning it will be 5 minutes, then 10, then two times 10 minutes. Consider the forces, you don't tire yourself out. After run knead and stretch your muscles. Having finished warm-up, it is possible to run a little more. Do the set of exercises for all groups of muscles, but don't allow the unexpected overload. Lead the healthy lifestyle, sleep well, refuse alcohol intake and tobacco, eat properly. It is necessary to consume enough proteinaceous food, on its basis muscles grow. And that there were forces for trainings, you need carbohydrates. Porridges from grain and cereal crops, potatoes, fruit and vegetables will be useful in this case. And here it is better not to be fond of pasta and bakery products. When you feel that you are already ready to run kilometer without stoppages, think over your start. Imagine the distance, think how you will behave at each its stage. Mentally "run" this kilometer. It is right at the beginning better not to drive, and to choose pace, reserved and comfortable for itself. And here closer to the finish it is possible to dare to disperse. Before running kilometer, don't forget to do small warm-up (at least pedestrian). Warm muscles, prepare them for run. Adjust yourself correctly. Tell yourself: "I am the strong-willed and strong person", "I can run one kilometer with ease", "I am ready to running one kilometer, I will cope". But be not fond of the self-spirit too strongly. If you feel that you aren't ready to overcoming kilometer yet, don't deceive yourself. Be honest with themselves.

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